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At Seed, we believe in striving to make things better for our customers and enabling our employees to do their best work. By supporting the goals and continuing education of our employees, we seek to find exciting and cutting edge work opportunities to broaden knowledge. Our progressive and open culture aims at fostering creativity and partnership company-wide

Profit sharing plan

Without our amazing employees, Seed would not be the success that it is today. We share in that success by offering a profit sharing plan to our employees. 

Individual Benefits Account

We fund each employees individual Benefits Account with a percentage of their base salary. This can be used for personal time off. It can also be used tax-free for medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as towards an FSA. Unlike most use-it-or-lose-it plans offered by our competitors, any remaining balance is paid as taxable income at the end of the year. 

Business Development Meetings

With an open door policy on our monthly Technology and Business Development Meetings, employees have insight and open dialogue regarding the direction of the company. This is just one more way we partner with our employees in the success of the company. 

Retirement Plan

Seed Innovations funds each employee's SEP retirement plan with a percentage of their base salary. The funds are deposited in a tax-deferred account. The plan has no vesting period and is available to all but temporary employees.

Education Stipend

We offer a training plan so that each employee is able to learn and grow through continued education. We believe in giving our employees the opportunity to learn and evaluate new technologies and innovations. 

Company Events

In addition to our Monthly Technical Exchange meetings, where we gather to share in company news, new technology demos, achievements and more, Seed strives to provide company events on a quarterly basis to encourage connectivity and relationship among team members. 

I enjoy working for Seed Innovations because I like to be challenged and pushed to excel outside my comfort zone. Seed has placed me in an environment where I can constantly be learning new things and have the support of others at the company whenever I need help. There is nothing more satisfying than learning something new and immediately putting it into use.

Systems Integrator

Seed has been instrumental in my development. They allow me to tackle solving some of the hardest engineering and software problems. Seed understands their employees are their top asset and they empower us with the skills and resources to find innovative solutions to these problems. Due to their their wide customer base, it allows me to always find a new and challenging problem to consistently develop my abilities and learn new skills.

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Seed Innovations isn't what you would expect from a traditional job. While the benefits and compensation are great, the biggest differentiator is the employee-management interaction. In this regard, Marlu has done a stellar job of setting her employees up for success. She is never too busy to receive employee feedback, and actively looks for ways to improve the company and employee satisfaction. I would make the same choice to join Seed again in a heartbeat

Software Engineer

Seed Innovations has offered something to me that no other company has ever been able to, growth. I don’t mean growth as in “I’ve been a systems engineer for X years and now I get to be a ‘senior’ systems engineer.” I mean growth as in giving you a unique opportunity to learn new skills, get exposure to new technologies and push yourself to expand both your capabilities and your experience. Nobody is forced to change, but for those with the desire to become something more, Seed encourages you and supports you along the way. Want to learn about cloud based services? Awesome, go for it! Think there is a data science problem that we should tackle? Propose it, we just might do it! Seed truly is a different animal from both the big contractors and small contractors alike. Seed values its employees in a way I’ve never seen before and you couldn’t ask for a better culture.

Systems Engineer

Job opportunities

We are constantly creating new partnerships with the government and companies in the greater Denver area and along the Front Range to offer creative and exciting projects for our employees. It is our goal to find the best fit for both our clients and employees. 

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